In addition to the audiobooks we love for family roadtrips, we also love to pass the time listening to podcasts. With a wealth of items to choose from, we’ve put together our top picks for family-friendly podcasts that are sure to make your next adventure fly by. See you on the road!

RV Miles

Yes, we know this is a podcast we produce, we fully admit it, but we promise we are fun for the whole family, especially if you enjoy traveling, camping, road trips, and learning more about RV’ing as a family. So come join us every week, and don’t be surprised if a kiddo makes a guest appearance.

America’s National Parks Podcast 

This is the last one from us, promise. America’s National Parks Podcast is all about our National Park Service sites, and with over 400 units in the NPS, the content is endless. Storytelling based, ANPP is a complete 180 from our RV Miles podcast, but it is no less informative or engaging. Our kids loved learning that Pirates roamed the east coast, and that Petrified National Forest has a “curse” attached to it. These short stories are perfect for quick car rides, or you can do a full binge listen on your next road trip.

Brains On!

Brains On! is not produced by us. A science podcast for kids from American Public Media, featuring the claim to fame episode “Fart Smarts: Understanding the gas we pass.” Of course, there’s a host of other cool stuff in the series, but, if you have kids who think fart jokes are fall-down-funny, give “Fart Smarts” a listen and enjoy a laugh and some scientific education at the same time.

BUT WHY is a podcast where kids ask the questions and the BUT WHY team finds the answers. This engaging and fascinating podcast features a random collection of topics that will have something for every listener in the car. Subscribe and make BUT WHY a part of your next road trip adventure.

Geared towards the younger listener, DISNEY STORY CENTRAL is a fun podcast with every episode featuring a new Disney storybook read out loud. If you are a Disney family like us, you’re sure to enjoy this podcast as it adds just a little bit of pixie dust to your day.

STORY PIRATES is a highly imaginative and highly entertaining podcast series featuring stories written by children and adapted by a team of actors, musicians, comedians, and improvisers. This smart podcast will have your whole family laughing out loud, and if your kids are anything like ours, you’ll be helping them write their own stories to submit and marveling at their creativity. We can’t recommend this podcast enough. It is hands-down our favorite!

From the publisher (because I think they do a fantastic job of describing this ultra-cool podcast): He can’t sleep, he can’t shake the feeling someone is following him, and he can’t stop the monsters who show up to smash his cake. In other words, it’s turning out to be more exciting than he expected. That’s all in the first few episodes of this serialized, sci-fi podcast for kids. Finn, his friends and their pet robots aboard the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station discover uncharted planets, help aliens in far-off galaxies, and take tips from listeners back on Earth as they try to solve the universe’s great mysteries. It’s great fun and perfect for driving around town or binge listening on a big family road trip.

Focusing on lesser known inventions and their consequences, THE FIRST is a kid-friendly and fascinating look at a host of topics not covered in your everyday history books. With shows ranging from the first Broadway musical to the first woman ever photographed, this relatively new podcast is a welcome addition to the kid and family podcast genre and worth checking out the next time you hit the road.

WOW IN THE WORLD is a new way for families to connect, look up and discover the wonders in the world around them. Every episode features hosts Mindy (Absolutely Mindy from SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live) and Guy (Guy Raz from NPR) who guide curious kids and their grown-ups away from their screens and on a high-energy journey. WOW IN THE WORLD is a favorite with our kids and gives us a glimpse of the world in a way that is fun and kid accessible.

Have a podcast suggestion? Let us know! We are always looking for new ways to make travel days just as fun as days in the campground.

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Coffee drinker, skoolie owner, partner, roadschooler, and parent. Along with Jason, Abby is the co-host of the RV Miles Podcast and America's National Parks Podcast. When not talking National Parks and RV living, you can find Abby talking theater as the managing editor Of PerformInk. Find her on Twitter @abigailtrabue or search Our Wandering Family across all social media.