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Travel Journal: Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. High mountain peaks, rugged trails, abundant wildlife, and a primitive environment protected from the modern industrial world. It is, I think,…

Travel Journal: Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns is an underground wonderland. One of those places where seeing is truly believing, and pictures — even the iconic Ansel Adams— just can't capture the true power and…

Travel Journal: Roswell, New Mexico

Here’s our video of the things we cover in this post: By Abigail Epperson Our first major stop after a 3 day, 900-mile journey to New Mexico, was Roswell. Perhaps…

About us

We are a full-time traveling family of 5 who purchased a school bus, converted it into an RV, and named her Wander Bus. We got rid of everything we owned and left our Chicago life behind to travel America full-time. 

We have no idea how long we are going to be on the road, most of the time we have no real idea where we are headed until days before its time to pack up and move on, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are experiencing life as a family, celebrating our National Parks, discovering our countries history, and always dreaming about when we can get back to Walt Disney World.

We run five different websites, three focused on travel (  and this site), and two focused on the theater/performing arts industries in Chicago and Kansas City (Perform.Ink. KC.Perform.Ink). 

We are also the voices behind the RV Miles podcast, and the America’s National Parks Podcast.

If you’d like to talk about partnering/advertising with us you can visit our media page on RV Miles. We’ve worked with brands like L.L Bean, NiteIze, FMCA, GoSun Solar, American Backcountry, Thrive Market and more. We’d love to chat with you!

So, this is our journey. It’s a journey built on risk, adventure, trust, and love because we know not all who wander are lost. Welcome, and we’ll see you on the road!

Meet the family

Abigail Epperson

Abigail Epperson

Coffee drinker, skoolie owner, partner, unschooler and parent. When Abigail’s not hiking through our National Parks she’s talking theater as the managing editor of PerformInk Chicago and Kansas City.

Jason Epperson

Jason Epperson

Adventure bound theater producer, manager, designer, father, and husband. Lover or water, snow, sand, and sky. Builder, tinkerer, writer.



10-year-old all-around cool kid. Loves playing games online and vlogging for his YouTube channel.



7-year-old superhero. Loves Dr. Who., Star Wars, ballet, and saving the universe.



4-year-old lover of everything his brothers love. Luke Skywalker in training.

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