Travel Journal: Branson, Missouri 
Have you ever been to Branson, MO? Growing up we’d always stop for a night or two in Branson on our way back home from a camping trip in the Buffalo National River. Branson is the complete opposite of camping at the Buffalo. I remember Madame Tussauds Wax Museum,... Read more
Travel Journal: Buffalo National River Part Two – Rain, Rain Go Away
After two pretty challenging travel days we were thrilled to start settling into our campsite in America’s first national river, the Buffalo. The Buffalo also happens to be where I grew up camping and, so to be back for the first time with Jason and the boys was really something special.... Read more
Answering Your Full-Time Travel Questions

“How does it work for taxes? Getting mail? Do you feel safe in all the places you go?”

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Travel Journal: Buffalo National River Part One: The Journey

This trip to the Buffalo had the making of being a little epic, little did I know it was going to be full blown epic.

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Travel Journal: Mammoth Cave National Park
One of the National Park locations Jason and I have been dying to get to is Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park. For years we have talked about camping near the caves and showing the boys a wondrous world underground, so when the opportunity came for us to spend several days... Read more
Travel Journal: On the Road to Nashville

Once we had to say goodbye to Fort Pickens in Pensacola Beach, Florida, we began making our way north to Nashville, Tennessee which was part of the larger trip home to Chicago.

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Making a Life on the Road Work Financially

We are often asked how we make a life on the road work financially. This question, or worry, is a big one for anyone looking to make full-time travel a reality, and rightly so. 

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Top Podcasts for Family Road Trips

With a wealth of items to choose from, we’ve put together our top pick for family-friendly podcasts that are sure to make your next adventure fly by.

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Travel Journal: Coming Home to Chicago 
Pictured: Jack cheering at the site of the CTA as we made our way into Chicago after months away.  We came home to Chicago almost eight weeks ago for a scheduled stop, and as I write this our trip is coming to an end and we are packing up... Read more
Travel Journal: Hot Springs National Park

I don’t know what I was expecting from Hot Spring National Park, but it wasn’t what I laid eyes on when we first arrived.

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