From Urban Life to Skoolie Life
Our first bedtime in Bussie that felt familiar and encorporates parts of our routine. We’ve been away from the blog for awhile. Almost 2 months, actually. I’ve tried a few times to sit down and update but its felt incredibly overwhelming to describe chaos as you are living in the... Read more
Dear Garage Sale Buyers…

Last weekend we held a Garage Sale as part of our downsizing and preparation for full-time RV living, and let me tell you, I may never organize another Garage Sale again.

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A Setback
Well, we knew something would happen sooner or later. All RVs have issues (I type this as we are passing an RV that is smoking on I-80 through western IL), and 14-year-old school buses are bound to have their own set of problems. We drove the bus to Kansas... Read more
Getting Legal: Registering a School Bus as an RV
We knew this would be an issue. There are lots of horror stories online about the runaround people get from their state’s DMV or DOT trying to convert their new School Bus’s title into a private RV. It’s a necessary step for several reasons: registration for a bus—which is considered... Read more
How to Remove Reflective Tape from a School Bus
School buses are covered in a pesky yellow reflective tape that seems to be attached with glue engineered by NASA. We tried several different methods to remove it, including scrapers, razor blades, acetone, and a 3M brand Stripe-Off Wheel. Ultimately, nothing was working pretty well, so I picked up a... Read more
Yes, We Bought a School Bus
The camping bug had long ago bitten us when we began researching the idea of living full-time in an RV of some sort. We’re not adverse to tent camping—we love it. We’ve done several trips in our Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8, but you can’t keep your life in... Read more